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Xbox Live Membership Generator

Xbox live is a great way to enhance your game playing experience on the gaming platform. It is a great source of getting free games, demos, and trailers on the Xbox platform. The Live method of enjoying Xbox games is indeed a fascinating experience as you can try out the cool new features of the Xbox games before you decide to purchase them.

Xbox Live is offered both free of cost and through a paid membership program. The free version of the game is known as Xbox Live Free, previously known as Xbox Live silver, to distinguish it from the paid version called Xbox Live gold. It is a great way to explore the different adventures of the Xbox game console through Xbox Live.

Steps To Get Free Xbox Live Codes - 12 Months

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Features of Xbox Live

  • Xbox Live is filled with exciting features to make the game playing experience even more interesting.
  • A key advantage of the Xbox Live experience is that it introduces you to the Xbox Live Marketplace, from where you can gain access to numerous cool features to add more zing to your game playing experience.
  • For instance, with the Live plan, you can connect with other players in virtual time and compete against each other in the game platform.
  • Other cool features of the Xbox Live experience include developing of virtual avatars representing gamer likeness, thereby customizing the Xbox experience to be more personalized.
  • Besides, you can also earn achievements during the game-play of Xbox Live.

How to get Xbox Live for free

Xbox Live is available for free from Microsoft as Xbox Live Free, and there is also a paid version called Xbox Live gold. However, if you want to gain access to Xbox Live gold for free, then there are the Xbox Live membership generators to assist you.

These membership generator websites offer the opportunity of generating free gold codes, which you can use to make the game-playing more exciting. There are abundant Xbox Live membership generator sites available on the internet, so all you have to do is to search the web and get the gold codes from any of the various free membership sites available on the internet. You can definitely multiply your game playing experience with the game changer advantage of Xbox Live.

Differences between Xbox Live free and Xbox Live Gold

Both are great ways to explore the Xbox games. Besides the obvious difference that Xbox Live free is a free service, and the Gold membership is a paid subscription offer, there are other key differences as well.

For instance, Xbox Live gold allows you to get discounts and special offers from the Xbox marketplace, which is not available with the free version. The facility to play in online multiplayer mode is also exclusive to Xbox Live gold and not the free version of Xbox Live.

In fact, therefore it is no wonder that gamers like you are looking for Xbox Live code generator sites on the internet to add more fun quotient to your experience of enjoying Xbox Live.

Playing on your Xbox 360 online is cool. However, you need Xbox LIVE Gold in order to do this. These codes cost money, but at Xbox Live Online Codes you can get them for free so that you can play online with your friends.

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