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How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Memberships

Without Xbox Live Gold, I would be bored with every game I own, and without the free Xbox Live codes, I’d be broke.

Though reasonably priced when retailers have them for sale, nothing beats the sweet smell of something free. All in all, it is definitely worth the membership price, and here’s why:

Free Game Demos

To me, the most notable game that I have discovered so far would have to be Section 8. My jaw dropped when I first discovered a DEMO I can play online for FREE!

Being an old PC gamer and just recently migrating to console since Halo 3′s release, purchasing an Xbox 360 felt natural after gaming on Windows for so many years. I instantly fell in love with all of the features included in the Gold membership.

There are so many great XBLA ( X . Box . Live . Arcade ) titles in the market, and the greatest thing about them is: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Virtually anything on XBLA has a trial download, allowing you to try every single offer that catches your attention.

There are hidden gems in the Arcade, and there are sure-shot hits easily accessible by browsing the ‘Most Popular’ game-list. Most recently added to XBLA was the addition of indie games developed by regular Joe Schmoes like you and me.



Need tunes? Last.FM and Slacker Radio are great picks. Check out the newest videos going viral? There’s a smooth-running Youtube app for Gold users. Stay up to date with news? Plenty apps for that, including MSNBC.

Have a Netflix account?

XBL has a user-friendly app to navigate their titles offered for instant streaming. Too broke for Netflix? It can get their hands on Crackle, which offers a limited amount of movies and shows (they have SEINFELD!)

The Most Secure Multiplayer Gaming Experience

Last but not least, users can play on everything that has a multiplayer option. The gaming servers are constantly being updated and upgraded for a secure, hack-free experience. Through moderate use, it becomes apparent no other online gaming server provider can compare.

Gaming joystick

Microsoft invests a lot in the safety and security of its online offerings. Competitors offering free online play have repeatedly shut down for long periods, due to hacker penetration causing servers to overload. This has never happened with Microsoft. A nice plus with most multiplayer games; if you purchase them new, most have free Xbox Live codes to allow you to use most of XBL’s features.

The Xbox 360, paired with Kinect and an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you have the ultimate online portal at your grasp. Movies, music, news, web browsing, and last but not least, an infinite array of games to try out and play.

You only spend your hard-earned bucks if you tried the game, and get hooked. Trials Evolution is my new casual gaming poison. The game never ends thanks to XBL allowing us to download user-created tracks (I’m too lazy to make my own, and I wouldn’t know where to start). I’m done ranting, and I’m ready to play. See you on the battlegrounds.