To find a Free Xbox Live Giveaway of some sort is the dream of many who own an Xbox 360. The Xbox Live service costs about $60 a year, straight from your pocket, usually.

On top of 1600 Microsoft Points for any downloadable content that you may be interested in getting, which can certainly strain your wallet during these tough times, whether you are cheap or not.

How It Works?

To start, all you would have to do is visit the code giveaway page on this website, and read the instructions. You have to register to a free website and confirm your email address in order to be entered for this contest of sorts.

Not only that, but you can get a second code for free by simply filling out surveys on that website for points. You can then use these points to request a reward from their list, which includes a 3 month Xbox Live gold code and 1600 Microsoft Points.

The rewards website can give out free membership codes because of how this website works. This website receives money for everyone who completes a survey that is featured on their website.

They receive the money directly because the advertisers pay to have their survey featured in order to gain exposure to the world. So when you do a survey on their website, you are making them money, so in return, they reward you with points.

You can then use these points to request items, or rewards, on their website. The code based rewards (Microsoft Points, Xbox Live codes) will be emailed while the physical rewards (video games, controllers, etc.) will be shipped.

You do not give away your account information, and this method is safe and will not get you banned. It is not like this is some fake generator that will provide you with a code in exchange for your account information, which turns out to be false 100% of the time.

This is the common way that people are now acquiring their Xbox Live membership, like me for example. I have been collecting Free Xbox Live for the past year now, and several thousand others are as well.