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What To Choose : Xbox Live Vs PlayStation Vs Wii Online Subscription

Xbox LIVE vs. PlayStation Network Subscription

It is quite overwhelming to choose between Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network. These two are the most popular in the present gaming world.

PSN and Xbox Live allow the gamers to use online multiplayer gaming. That is why it is difficult to decide on what to purchase: Xbox Live vs. PlayStation Network.

Xbox Live vs. PlayStation Network is an age-old war. There are a few things to remember before deciding what to get. First is the cost or the price value.




PlayStation Network subscription is free, while a one-year subscription to Xbox Live is around $50.

Nevertheless, Xbox Live has a lot more features than the PlayStation Network.

Xbox Live Advantages

  • Microsoft has more advantages when comparing Xbox Live vs. PlayStation Network.
  • XBL allows the users to chat and interact with the other players.
  • Everything can be done like video chat, online gaming, download tons of stuff as well as watch HD quality shows.
  • There is an additional feature that is included in XBL, the social networking services like Facebook, Twitter and photo sharing.
  • What is special about XBL is that it recognizes the achievements of the players in the games.
  • The scores collected from the games, which are used as Microsoft points or rewards that can be used to buy games or stuff in the Online Marketplace.

PlayStation Advantages

  • PSN stores prefer their clients to use credit cards or cash when buying stuff from them.
  • There is no need to play a game in order to gain points before you could buy things from the Marketplace.
  • PSN also allows the users to chat and send the other players messages. And most of its games do not lag, but games could only be executed by local players on local servers.
  • There is one thing that the Xbox cannot do and the PlayStation can – Internet browsing.
  • Most file formats are not supported by the program used in Xbox live like flash and some video formats.

All in all, Xbox Live has more useful features that are finer and advanced compared to PlayStation Network. These features results to higher market cost.

PlayStation Network should not be out behind. It can be used without spending too much but still enjoy multiplayer games and can still save money for the extra features.

What does this war show?

With the advancement of technology, more other features can be added to improve the gaming devices and more online multiplayer gaming services will be added to the battle.

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Xbox LIVE vs. Wii Online

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony do not need many further introductions in terms of gaming. Today’s gaming generation was defined by three manufacturers of electronic devices.

The comparison of Xbox Live vs. Wii Online has come into the picture. Both of these gaming devices allow online multiplayer gaming. Knowing the features and services that each has will make the Xbox Live vs. Wii Online a lot easier.

In this article, We will compare Microsoft Xbox Live to Nintendo Wii Online to find out which has the edge over the other.




Wii was created by Japanese Corporation – Nintendo Co., Ltd. and was launched in 2006. Nintendo Wii is distinguished through its features and tools.

The most common feature of Wii is the wireless remote control and Wii Connect24 that facilitate in messaging and Internet updates.

The remote has a motion detector, which gives an extra gaming experience. It is like a real life gaming experience.

Xbox Live, on the other hand, has the distinct feature of accessing to a variety of gaming and entertainment stuff aside from online gaming.

This online gaming service also facilitates downloading of music, videos, and movies. Social network services are also included.

What to choose: Xbox Live vs. Wii Online

The cost or the affordability of the gaming device is a concern.

  • Nintendo Wii online costs $249 while the Xbox can cost up to $299 plus an Xbox Live yearly subscription of $49.99.
  • Both of these consoles offer a special experience for the gamers.
  • Nintendo Wii uses a remote with motion detection technology.
  • In a golf game, the gamer can swing the golf club through the remote, or even throw the baseball. Xbox Live also has a feature that uses motion detection technology.
  • The Body Kinect, a game feature in Xbox uses this technology. In a dance game, you can follow the different body movements like swaying the arms, moving your hips, or stomping the feet.
  • Microsoft has made a big step in the world of gaming. Through Xbox Live, gamers can now play with each other in an online community.
  • It’s like playing in the same place which Nintendo does not offer. Wii online also offers online games but they do not have the capacity to create virtual communities where players could interact with each other all at once.

So what will be the decision on Xbox Live vs Wii Online Battle? Just remember that in choosing which to get, make sure that it will fit the gamers’ needs and criteria.